Thursday, September 11, 2008

So after my last post

I played 2k nlhe hands. Damn you Mr. Binks lol. I have been loving the 8 game cash games on p*'s as well. It amazes me how bad some people play most of the games. Hell half the time they don't even know the hand rankings. It is definately a welcome change of pace and I plan on playing them quite a bit more. Also here's a w00t for seitz. Congrats on the WCOOP 8 game finish. You can read up on CT about it. Otherwise almost finished painting the house, baby is due any day, got a bunch of work done on the bu, and classes started back up. Sorry it's not a more interesting post, but w/e.



Blogger Matthew Feldman said...

8 game, eh? don't know, i might be one 'a them fish myself.

glad i got you playing again.

2:22 PM  

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