Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mid Aug update

So I've pretty much switched from FTP to P*'s. It's just so much easier to find good tables simply because there are so many more running. On FTP it could take around 30-40mins to get on 6 good tables. That's a long time when you only play a max of 2hrs a day. So I've been grinding on P*'s. The software is growing on me, but I still wish it dealt as fast as FTP. I was on track to meet all of my monthly goals until this week when I played much less then normal trying to get things in order for the wife's baby shower and our out of town guest's, all while preparing for an audit at work and putting in crazy amounts of hours there. I'll be glad when this week is over.

Stats for Aug. 1 - Aug. 15
Hands - 4740
BB/100 - 8.49

I am getting back to the same comfort level I had before playing cash. Even though it's a tiny sample I am not making many of the mistakes I was making when I first started back. Knocking the rust off and adding a few new tools to the grab bag. So total since I started back to cash looks like this:

Hands - 9495
BB/100 - 3.43 <---bah but it's positive and continually going up

I've been looking at my PT data a lot more then I ever did before and I think my results are coinciding with the study I have been doing. Take a look at the graph for the difference. I am avoiding the 1-2 big mistakes a session that caused the massive swings early on, and when I get it in ahead set vs draw the hands have been holding. I know it's still a small sample but it makes me feel good knowing I'm earning some Sklansky bucks. So my first 10k hands have been a small success and I hope to keep improving over the next half of the month and start taking shots at 50nl next month. Here's the graph of the first 10k:
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