Monday, December 01, 2008

A quickie

Been awhile since I posted. Haven't been playing all that much lately due to tending to Effrom. When I have played I have not had any desire to play Holdem. I have played ~8k hands of plo. I have also been playing a lot of Razz lately. I did bubble the FT of the 1k gntd Razz tourney two weeks ago. The same one that JM FT'd. I have also taken a liking to the 5 card tourney that starts the same time on Sundays. Played some Holdem here and there, nothing really interesting to report on though. Been spending much more time away from the computer and enjoying the time with the family when I'm not working, which has been 10-16hr days lately.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gave up on cash

I decided that since I can not put in a ton of volume it probably wasn't a good investment of my time to dabble around playing 8K hands of cash a month. So I have been back to sng's. I came up with an aggressive plan for moving up as I am overolled for where I am starting, but this "shot" will make it easier for me to move up and gain more expierence at higher levels quicker. I'm going to start at the 3.40's with 20 buyins in my "BR" and move up when I hit 20 buyins for the next level until I hit the $55's <--- this may take awhile. I am also forcing myself to 6 table them instead of 10 to really focus and make sure that I am making correct decisions. There's no reason that I shouldn't be able to kill through the 16's as I was doing well at the 11's and 22's at FTP. Now why should I play the $3.40's on a 1k roll? I think it's a psychological thing. If I do the 20 buyin "roll" then if I hit the $55's and have to move down or get crushed I've lost only $68 of my "roll". I know it's retarded and it shouldn't matter and I'm a puss but w/e. I've rationalized it, and it makes sense in my mind as to why my shots failed before so this is how I'm going to try this time. I decided to do this 4 days ago and here's my stats so far at the $3.40's:

games: 56
roi: 19.95%
total profit: $38
current "roll": $106 (w00t almost to the $6.50's already)

Really I don't see a problem gettin myself up to the $27's. I think I'll be bouncing back between the $27's and $16's for awhile as I think the $27's is where there are people that actually can play. I know there are plenty at the $16's but they aren't the norm like I think they will be at the $27's.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

little baby bu

Little baby bu is here!!! After a very long labor he made his debut at 9:55pm 9/17. 7lbs 4oz and 20 3/4in long. Baby and mamma are doing fine. Super excited and super exhausted. Just wanted to put up that he is here.



Thursday, September 11, 2008

So after my last post

I played 2k nlhe hands. Damn you Mr. Binks lol. I have been loving the 8 game cash games on p*'s as well. It amazes me how bad some people play most of the games. Hell half the time they don't even know the hand rankings. It is definately a welcome change of pace and I plan on playing them quite a bit more. Also here's a w00t for seitz. Congrats on the WCOOP 8 game finish. You can read up on CT about it. Otherwise almost finished painting the house, baby is due any day, got a bunch of work done on the bu, and classes started back up. Sorry it's not a more interesting post, but w/e.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Been awhile

It's been a bit since I updated this thing. I got really busy writing two final papers and preparing for two final exams. Then once that was done I spent most of my free time finishing up the baby room. Then started to scrape and paint the house only to then have it rain for four consecutive days. Now I'm waiting for everything to dry out. On the poker front I have found my self despising nl. I have forced my self to play, and had pretty bad results mostly from me not paying attention because I didn't feel like playing. I felt like playing some limit and sngs, did, enjoyed myself more because those were the games I felt like playing. I guess I'm not cut out to grind a single game for a ton of hands, so I'm not going to force myself to play if I'm not enjoying it. I of course will still play, just when I want to, not because I "have" to. I think your state of mind is one of the most important things in having good sessions. If your not into, obvs you will not be playing your "A" game and things will not go your way. So there's the quick update on what's been going on. The due date is two weeks away so I'm sure I'll be playing more during the late night feedings as well.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mid Aug update

So I've pretty much switched from FTP to P*'s. It's just so much easier to find good tables simply because there are so many more running. On FTP it could take around 30-40mins to get on 6 good tables. That's a long time when you only play a max of 2hrs a day. So I've been grinding on P*'s. The software is growing on me, but I still wish it dealt as fast as FTP. I was on track to meet all of my monthly goals until this week when I played much less then normal trying to get things in order for the wife's baby shower and our out of town guest's, all while preparing for an audit at work and putting in crazy amounts of hours there. I'll be glad when this week is over.

Stats for Aug. 1 - Aug. 15
Hands - 4740
BB/100 - 8.49

I am getting back to the same comfort level I had before playing cash. Even though it's a tiny sample I am not making many of the mistakes I was making when I first started back. Knocking the rust off and adding a few new tools to the grab bag. So total since I started back to cash looks like this:

Hands - 9495
BB/100 - 3.43 <---bah but it's positive and continually going up

I've been looking at my PT data a lot more then I ever did before and I think my results are coinciding with the study I have been doing. Take a look at the graph for the difference. I am avoiding the 1-2 big mistakes a session that caused the massive swings early on, and when I get it in ahead set vs draw the hands have been holding. I know it's still a small sample but it makes me feel good knowing I'm earning some Sklansky bucks. So my first 10k hands have been a small success and I hope to keep improving over the next half of the month and start taking shots at 50nl next month. Here's the graph of the first 10k:
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Goodbye July, Aug goals and update

Since embarking on my adventure that is 6 max a few weeks back things didn't start out to well. My sessions have been very swingy and I know I went on tilt a few times, which is strange since in tournies I seemed to have that under control. I have played a total of 6,621 hands in that few weeks and feel I am improving. I think swapping HH's with Jojo and now Scott has helped me out a lot. I hope that they are benefitting also. Here's my graph for July15-July31:
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And since Aug 1:
Free Image Hosting at


So things seem to be improving. It kind of sucks playing 6,6xx hands of breakeven poker. I'm actually down $0.60 but rakeback kicks it up to ~+$55. Still sucks. I have been reading a lot of the microNL stickies at 2+2 and went through my PT stats as suggested in one thread and think I found a leak of mine. A pretty large one actually. I seem to be playing far to many hands from the sb and it has costed me dearly so that is something I've been working on along with Jojo and Scott's suggestions. So I suppose I'll stick it out this month and then try and determine if I'm just on the good side of variance at the moment. Here's my goals for Aug:
[] Play 12k hands
[] Establish a positive winrate
[] Find more leaks
[] Continue to swap HH's
[] See green in my PT database

That's all for now.